Alexion in Ireland

Alexion is focused on providing innovative treatments to patients with severe and life-threatening rare diseases for which there are few, if any, effective treatment options. Since 2013, Alexion’s offices in Ireland have served as the Company’s supply chain and quality operations base. The highly skilled local team manages all aspects of supply chain, quality assurance, quality control, and logistics, directly enabling Alexion to serve patients with PNH and aHUS around the world.

Alexion is committed to growth in Ireland, and has announced several phases of local expansion since first entering the country. These plans included the acquisition of a site in Athlone which now houses an aseptic vial fill-finish facility, and the acquisition of a 41-acre site at College Park in Blanchardstown which serves as the company’s new Global Supply Chain and Operations headquarters, with laboratory, office, packaging and warehouse facilities in one location. Blanchardstown will also be home to a new 20,000 square meter bulk biologics manufacturing facility that is currently under development, and the Athlone facility is also being expanded to house another biologics manufacturing facility onsite.

Alexion’s investments in both Athlone and Blanchardstown have created a significant number of local job opportunities, including construction jobs while the sites are being developed and full-time Alexion positions.

Commitment to patients

Additionally, Alexion has operations in Ireland to serve patients locally. Our approach to serving patients is driven by education and a passion for understanding and meeting the unique needs of patients and families suffering with ultra-rare diseases. These include disease education programmes to raise awareness among physicians, and diagnostic initiatives to reduce the multi-year delays that patients with ultra-rare diseases often face, even when a safe and effective therapy is available. By expanding the knowledge and awareness of PNH and aHUS, our teams help the medical community improve diagnosis and treatment of severe, life-threatening diseases, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

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